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Check List for DEPB Application


Name of the application and duly completed in all respects

Status of the application : Merchant/Manufacturer Exporter/Both
Date of submission of application

Category of Application


Is the application in prescribed form (10J)

Is 2 copies App.2 furnished

Designation of the Signatory Director/Partner/ proprietor/Authorized Person


If the signatory is an Authorized person then has Power of Attorney/Board of Resolution Furnished?

9. Has T.R. (in duplicate Pay Order/ Demand Draft furnished?
10. Is the amount correct?
11. If no what is the shortfall
12. Appropriate Head of A/C given

Whether E.P. copies of Shipping Bill Furnished.

14. Whether Bank Cft.(s) Produced (22A)
15. Total FOR as per Bank Cft(s)
16. Total FOR value as per Bill of Export

Whether Bill of Export finally assessed if B.O.Exp. initially Provisional


Whether Spl.CCP permission obtained (For some LCS)

19. Whether Customs attested invoice produced

Sl.No. DEPB Rate list & Rates (Vide App.28A of the Hand Book

21. DEPB Credit Claimed
22. Is PMV declaration in Bill of Exp (For rates 10% & above)
23. Is P/Copy of valid RCMC produced (self attested) once a year for claimants other than SEZ
24. In case of return of goods, the certificate indicating the quantity of goods returned out of the Invoice/Bill of Exports submitted for claim.
25. Declaration as per Trade Notice 10/03-04/E Dated 27.5.03 furnished.



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