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A unit may export goods and services on the basis of the Letter of Approval

A SEZ unit can export -

Goods & Services
Partly processed goods
Partly processed goods

Sub-assemblies & components


Computer software may export, including export of professional services, using data communication links


Export procedure

The procedure for export from Special Economic Zone through seaports or airports or Inland Container Depot or Container Freight Station or Land Customs Station or by Post or by Courier or by Personal Carriage, as the case may be, shall be as under:


If services are exported in non-physical form,the export value is to be furnished by the Unit on self certification basis as per the instructions of the Reserve Bank of India .


Filing of the shipping bill
Assessment of shipping bill
Examination of goods in SEZ

Movement of export consignment


Let export order given on the basis of self certification by the Unit

Export obligation for the SEZ developer
There is no export obligation for the sez developers. The developers are required to execute a bond-cum-legal undertaking in form-D RULE 12(5) 22(1)] jointly with the development commissioner and the specified officer undertaking to account for the goods properly and utilize the goods for the authorized operations within a period of one year or extended period.

Export obligation of the sez unit


Under the sez scheme, no export obligation in terms of quality or value has been prescribed. Sez unit are required to maintain a positive net foreign exchange (NFE) earning cumulatively for a period of 5 years from the commencement of production.

A Unit may transfer goods, including goods imported or procured from Domestic Tariff Area, to another Unit or Export Oriented Unit or Electronic Hardware Technology Park Unit or Software Technology Park Unit or Bio-technology Park Unit, subject to the following procedures, namely:


Receiving unit shall file the Bill of Entry in quintuplicate for warehousing with the Authorized Officer who can be Inspector/preventive officer or Appraiser or Superintendent of customs posted in the SEZ along with the Letter of Approval and Bonding License


Goods are cleared to the unit after assessment of the Bill of Entry


Receiving unit within 45 days shall submit re-warehousing certificate to the Authorized Officer of the unit having jurisdiction over the supplying unit.


Where unit (both receiving and Supplying are within the same SEZ, no Bill of Entry is required to be filed


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